About the Museum

San Thome Museum is the only Museum that has touched the every aspect of the Technical Revolution that started in 1800 AD. This revolution was started by Thomas Edison (ironically he was debarred by the teachers from attending school but tutored by his mother) who invented many features now encased in the smartphone.

I am proud to say that many elderly guests who visit my Museum are thrilled to find the long lost life partners safely showcased at the Back in Time Museum. The mechanical calculators, the typewriters, the cameras, time keepers, postal weights which were professionally used by our elders were the second best friend/ partner after their spouses. Ironically/Unfortunately, the smartphone is the first best friend/partner and then comes the husband or wife.

We have taken trouble to present the earliest invention to the latest at every stage which is the first time in the world. The best part of it all is, you can get these beauties the closest you can get to and even experience their working with the Curator’s permission.

The Grand Piano, the only known working piano in Asia, with ivory keys, SCHIEDMIER Germany is 136 years old. We allow our guests to play it (we do check their background) which no other Museum allows to do.

This Museum is huge in cumulative form, where you can satisfy your taste buds of Art and Antics because it covers various sections of improvement in civilisation. The traditions of a bride going to her new house with the gifts given by the parents for their beloved child which ironically was named as dowry are explained in a traditional aspect. The hidden coin in the cupboard (Almirah) is explained as a good luck charm. In case the wedded couple in their life goes bankrupt, there is hope that this coin will bring back luck. The bride’s mother would give a gift of a picture of Jesus, Saint, Mother Mary or a Goddess/Ganpati (by our Hindu brothers) made out of hand embroidery is explained through as old as 120 years old cross-stitch work of Saint Anthony.

The biblical Jonah’s fish is brought alive through the whale bones artwork. The various collections of water bottles and the only collection featuring wholesale wine bottles and retail wine is of different shapes and sizes and corks dating from 1800 which is the evolution of glass containers.