Very enjoyable looking back on old machines we used to use, at san thome museum
─ Mr. & Mrs. Carole and Alan
Mexborough, S. Yorkshire, England
Very happy and very proud of what you have done.
─ Arch. Gerard da Cunha
Curator Houses of Goa Museum Salvador Do Mundo, Bardez ,Goa.
It is an amazing experience to visit this very informative museum of excellent collections of time-scale changing indicatives. Hats off to Mr. Antonio da Costa for his priceless collections and admirable efforts in conserving the knowledge in the museum. I admire the likings and love of Mr. Antonio da Costa for his plants. He has got good collections of plants with creative ideas.
Dr. A.R. Desai - ICAR-CCARI, Old Goa
Beautiful collection and the best place in Goa. I recommend it to everyone. Must see place in Goa.
─ Shahana Bills - Bin Dean Group, Dubai
A great journey to insight of technology and a lovely experience.
─ Shikha Mishra - Delhi India
Superb experience, I love the concept of depicting the evolution of electronic items.
─ Lakshmy & Sriram with Family - Bangalore India
It’s a very beautiful museum of old machines and many old things which I didn’t know were made, Thanks and God bless you.
─ Maxim Manakov - Colva Goa
We were amazed to know the world 150 years ago & truly it is very interesting to know that the root of all modern equipment came from history. Amazing! Thank you for keeping it & maintaining it.
─ KDC Child Development Center Team - Kolhapur
Very nicely maintained, very informative tour and was amazed by the Grand Piano and was glad to play a few notes & understand its mechanism which is very different from today’s Grand Piano. It would be awesome if it was occasionally tuned/regulated thanks for the experience! (5*) (Thanks for the advice, the piano is in tuned state now)
─ Jonathan Pinto - Mumbai
Very intriguing collection and went back in time! Fascinating for the kids – seeing how times have changed!!
─ Varenka, Yashwyn & Yelena - Caranzalem Goa
Great collection and very well maintained. Amazing effort to preserve the time, nice idea for future generation!
─ Nili Sheth & Amish Sheth - Rajkot
Nice collection of various phases of items used in daily life. Good to know how it started & reached the current stage.
─ Ashwini Kumar Talwar & Prashant Singh - Bangalore
Very nicely preserved antiques which takes you back in time and are reminiscences of the glorious past. It lets the imaginations to fly and make one curious to know more about how things used to work in good old days. Fabulous is the word which I will use to describe my experience.
─ Dr. Abhishek Joshi - Mumbai
Wow… very nice beautiful collection, very neatly placed & knowledgeable. Keep it up, well done.
─ Dr. Lolage Nilab - Pune
Very interesting, received lot of knowledge and very informative for the students for school excursion.
─ Smt. Suman.G. Chanekar - Asst. Headmistress G.P.M.S Colva
Very beautiful antiques. We liked the Grand piano. The crockery is also very nice, we got a lot of information about ancient things.
─ Kajarekar & Madav family - Sindhudurg Maharashtra
A very good collection for a single personal collector, better than any government museum. Some of them are still in working condition. Some brings back memories of childhood.
─ Dr. Sandeep Naik & Amrita Naik - Don Bosco Instructor Ponda
Very impressed with the antiques especially the working Grand piano. It was an enlightening experience. There was an inspiring painting of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz during their youth before marriage. We were impressed to see the various artifacts of Goa which were never seen before. The only drawback is the location of the venue.
─ Anik & Jovi - YCDA Dance Academy
It was really nice to see the evolution in the things that we use now. I felt like I was in the ancient world, it was amazing!
─ Balvinder Singh - Punjab
Very well maintained amazing things to see that our children haven’t seen earlier. Courteous and helpful staff.
─ Savior of The World High School Loutolim
We liked the exposition and the guide a lot. The atmosphere of this place is unique. Great value, worth every penny. Thank you.
─ Elena Naydinskaya - Russia
It was a very good experience going throughout the old artifacts. In fact, it reminded me of my past 72 years. Thanks to Milena for being a very good guide and who made it interesting through her narration.
─ Colonel - V.K. Sood Delhi
You have collected all the items painfully, especially the whale bones which are new to everyone. Special thanks to Milena for explaining every object very informatively. Thanks for preserving human heritage.
─ Ramesh Batra - New Delhi
Very beautiful, maintained very neatly. Refreshes our past memories. Some things are really awesome. The artifacts are very well preserved for the future generations.
─ Monica Dias - St Mary’s High School Varca
Treasure house of old domestic and office appliances. I was very impressed with the whale bone photo frame and stand for mother Mary.
─ Dr. Martha Susie Fernandes & Albert Fernandes - Velim
Thank you for placing our ancestral history so that the young generations like me can have a glimpse of once lost glory and show the rest of India that how Goans think and are not Susegad Goenkars.
─ Dr. Adelwise Pinto - Margao
The collection in the museum is very good and well conserved. It revives the usage in the past and slighted the new generation. Information on the calculator devices and telephones should have been more in detail. Communication system in the past should have also been explained more in detail. Overall, we enjoyed watching the artifacts in the museum and gained wide knowledge.
─ Celina Antao, Sophia Evengeline, Mehul Saglani - teachers of Manovikas school
Very meticulous collection & restored with true passion. Kudos to Mr. Thomas, keep up the good work.
─ Vikram Das & Oma Das - Haryana
The museum is amazing for its variety, richness and rare items. The passion with which Mr. Thomas da Costa has collected, restored and fashioned pieces of art, technology and items of utility is reflected here. It gives an insight to the technological transition and even old practices that are dying. Difficult to put down other things in this short space, hats off to Mr. da Costa.
─ Paul Fernandes - Senior Journalist Carmona
Excellent, so nice to see all these antiques. And Sherine was excellent in hospitality & demonstration- God bless.
─ Joby George & Shijumon - Kerela
We have seen the passion in curating this museum. Very insightful and well explained by Sherine. Every Goan should visit this museum.
─ Jacqueline & Francis Lobo - Fatrade,Varca Goa
Good place for students to gain experience and learn about the old instruments and devices.
─ Esby V. Vaz - Teacher Holy Spirit Institute, Margao Goa
A great, small and idiosyncratic museum. A good size so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of exhibits. Thank you!
─ The MacDonald & Kemp Family - Scotland
A breath-taking and awesome collection, takes you down memory lane. All the best.
─ Captain Ezequil D’Costa - Velsao Goa
Very good cultural experience and nice to experience a life of the past. Keep up the good work. Specially loved the pianos.
─ Nathan Gomes - Goa
This is an amazing place which brings back memories of olden days. Keep up the good work & God bless you. Viva Goa!
─ Prince Aaron - Panjim Goa
A great collection of antique items. Gained a lot of knowledge about the old machines with a good comparison of how they have become modernized.
─ Vilda Pereira - Margao
Very interesting collection of memorabilia, some of which we have at home. Very interested to see the objects made in India and the ingenuity of local people!
─ Linda and Peter Jowsey - Hertfordshire, U.K.
Excellent demonstration and collection of items. We really went back in time. No words to explain.
─ Shiv Shankar Singh - Bangalore
Excellent collection. Well kept. Worth to bring young people and educate them on old artifacts.
─ Jaydeep Noolhaz - Pune
A fantastic presentation of a lost generation. Well preserved and explained. Informative to the kids. We wish for San Thome Museum to grow even stronger.
─ Gaurav - Gurgaon
Something very different and unique stuff to see.
─ Mr. Vipul Rege - Navhind Times Goa, Photographer
This museum is a beautiful homage to Goan people, their art and culture. Thank You!
─ Miss.Celeste Cardoz and others - Margao, Goa
You've showcased our past for the future. Congratulations. Keep adding!!
─ Mrs. Auda Viegas - President, Baillancho Ekvott, Margao, Goa
Interesting and informative-great to expand the collection.
─ Mr. Dennis D'Sa - Principal Santa Cruz Higher Secondary school
Excellent collection and Compelling effort. The history of inventions is an educational experience that is unmatched, bringing both Science and History alive. Also the collection of Art is enlightening.
─ Mr Armaan Gujral, Ammar Abbas and Sanjeev Gujral - Engineer
It is a very beautiful place, maintained very systematically and beautifully. Keep it up. Thank you K.C. (Asst. Curator) for the 1st Floor demo, and T.A.T.A. Sir, you are a multi talented Artist. And I really like your saying about Mind book.
─ Dr. Sahil Mehta and Dr. Rakshita Koul - Shimoga (KA)
Overwhelmed with the collection and the enthusiasm of the curator. Do well & all the best.
─ Mr. Jeffrey Manuel - Sights, Sound and Voices Goa 365
Intriguing and interesting especially the Goan pottery and the technical instruments. Keep it up!
─ Kanchan Alemao - Varca, Goa
Remarkable. Something reminding us of the past and the improvement of life.
─ Annie J Philips - Calgary, Alberta Canada
Gave us great pleasure of old days and treasures that we had with our ancestors. Add more and more antiques and be a King of antiques in Goa.
─ Mr & Mrs Benicio & Frenzie Gonsalves
Ex Ad Manager Oman International (British) Company super senior Citezen. Gogol, Margao
Very interesting place with very ancient things in it. Interesting information about culture of Goa.
─ Anashkin Zoir and Anashkin Kirill
Tourist Gor, Zolov, Petev Apartments Russia
Nostalgia time! Recent history/artifacts. Host very helpful.
─ Mr. & Mrs. Anily and Yvonne
Wonderfully very interesting , we saw several things we've never seen before! Thank you.
─ MR. Frances and Alistav Matheson - Raheen Cash haven, kibbevea ,IRELAND
Comment-Great Memories-No time machine required. Truly back in time.
─ Riaz Dmox - Bangalore
Creative to retain its originality. Keep it up.
─ MR.Henry Gomes - Panzorcone Cuncolim Goa
No visitor of Goa should miss San Thome Museum. Classic in its own stuff.
─ Mr. M.K. Krishna - 103, East Park Road, Block-3
Very educative collection, school children have to see this.
─ Francisco Goes - Headmaster of St. Anthony School , Colva
Amazing collection. Very thoughtfully arranged. Some of the things are nostalgic.
─ Amitabh Dasgupta,
Gomantak Times, Panjim Goa.
I appreciate your hard work. Keep it up! You turn stone into gold...
─ Ranjit Reang and Maxson Goes