Recorded music
Recorded music

Gramophone record Player 1899 by Thomas Edison, (3minutes = 2.5MB), Columbia hand cranked Gramophone minus external Phono, LP records player (30min = 25MB), Spool tape player (360 min = 300MB), cassette tape recorder 280 min =200MB), CD Player, MP3 player takes you to equipment wise evolution of recorded music. But today's Memory stick/pen drive/mobile/tab/laptop of up to 64GB capacity, and 6TB on external memory drive in the robotic age makes mockery of the past inventions. Must see the vintage working model of Akai X-355D (28.5 Kg, solid state) and Akai GX-255D (16.5 kg, semi conductors) spool tape players, and Sony LP cassette tape recorder.

Hand Cranked HMV 1899
Akai X-355D
Vintage Spool Player