The Altar
The Altar
  • The main altar was designed because of the height of crucified image of Jesus. The cross is made up of antique silver coated brass hygrometer casings. Base is of fire alarm bell and candle stand.

  • The life of Christ by Antonio Barzoni, a collector's item plate by Franklin Mint with 24 carat gold hand numbered product code is a priceless possession.

  • 1920's San Antonio cross stitched hand embroidery framed picture has an amazing story of Goan Culture.

  • Ostrich egg from South Africa carved with the beast of the jungle is featured with never seen before laughing baby Jesus.

  • Ancestral copper traditional lamp from 17th century, silver/ brass/ wood candle stands, add to the majesty of the altar. Mother Mary mounted on 2.5 mts RIBS of Jonah's fish with 1962 LED deco background, the grave marker, the manger and much more pays rich tribute to work of God through hands of T.A.T.A.