The Technical Artist Thomas Antonio(T.A.T.A.)

Thomas Antonio da Costa, the 4th child of five siblings was born to Joao Hipolito Artur da Costa and Domentina Clotilda Gomes on 19th Jan 1962. His father Artur was a renowned watchmaker in the city of Margao, Goa. He was the only one trusted by the watch owners(clients) with Rolex/Omex/Omega and other brands of gold and diamond studded watches. Part of the inspiration is thru father son relationship who use to assist during sundays and school holidays. Even as a child he used to get fascinated of the Ancestral Houses.

His own house had high plinth with 7 steps and massive spiral pillars supporting the Balcao (Balcony). Beautiful sculptures of Our Lady of Gloria (Patron of Varca village Church) and 2 angels on both sides above the main door of the Arch welcomed the visitors. Main Door of 1.5 metres width which locked from inside with help of Adamo(long strong wall to wall wooden cross bar) took care of the security. The House was adorned with windows made of shells from fish called Placuna Placenta locally known as Mendios.These were substitute to glass used during the Portuguese era. Unknowingly it added grandeur to the Ancestral Houses. The House had Environmental friendly roof tiles, ventilators and the 2-meter wide mud walls had 6 meter height, which gave a cooling effect even in the harshest of summers. The cow dung applied floors never developed Arthritis, flat foot, cold bites, slippery falls and occupants lived long life. There was open place called Rose garden (Rosam Aangon) in the middle of the House, and every bedroom door via the corridor opened to the cool ambience of flowering plants and kitchen garden plants within the house.

Educated at St Mary's High School Varca with flying colours, went on to qualify as first Class Electrical Engineer in Govt Polytechnic Panaji. Started as Trainee Engineer and latter as Junior Engineer at Mumbai for Ship Repairing Company and never looked back in professional career.

The Been around the world on various kinds of ships:
  • Deep Sea Fishing Trawler. (Preserved Sea horse exhibited from Gulf of Oman)
  • Oil Tanker Steam Turbine. (Achilles heel, David, etc from Acropolis (Greece).
  • Livestock Carrier WaWa ships. (Sheep, Goats, Horses, Deer's, Camels which walk in & walk out in 100 thousands, from Australia, New Zealand and supplied to Gulf Countries).
  • Self-Unloaders SliSli ships.( Salt, Coal, Gypsum, Iron pellets Slip in & Slip out via belts in Great Lakes and North Sea).
  • RoRo vessels. (American Army tanks to gulf that Roll in & Roll out of ships). T.A.T.A was instrumental for installation of Data Recorder same as Black Box on Aircraft.
  • Research Vessel. With Moon Pool to launch Remote Operated Vessel (ROV) for underwater investigation with 360 Azimuth thrusters, 6.6KV bow thrusters. No conventional Main Engine, propellor and stearing wheel but joystick control.
  • Land Rigs. At Saudi Arabian deserts.
  • Antiques exhibited are from St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army, Antique shops, thrift shops from around the world countries Germany, Greece, Canada, USA, New Foundland, Norway, Holland, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, Egypt, Iraq, South Africa, et-cetera

The Professional designations are of Junior Electrical Engineer, Electrical Officer, Chief Electrical Officer, ETO (Electro Technical Officer), Electrical Superintendant, Electrical Engineer.
With qualification in Electrical Engineering and crash courses interfaced with Hydraulics and Pneumatics, mechanics of Marine Engineering, welding, gas cutting, simulators, Auto Chief Black Box installation, (data recorder),& PLC(Programable Logic Control). CV improved to sort of jack of all trades.