Print Technology
Print Technology

Microsoft word and Tally software equivalent Mechanical Typewriters of bygone era of different brands, models, sizes, shapes and colors are incorporated with latter Desktop PC, laptop and now notepad. This will definitely upgrade the General Knowledge of the youngsters and take the elder generation back to their offices in time. Remington 10 a First World War era 1919 is only writer with right hand lever. All other machines have left hand lever feature which increased the typing speed on which depended job requirement. Imperial 58 a Second World War 1940 model which is also displayed in the National Museum of Victoria, England has found a prominent place. Hermes, Brother, Remington, Remington Tally, Torpedo, Silver, Olivetti, Godrej India, Facit, Brother Electronic, Portuguese writer, Et cetera.

Remington 10
First World War era 1919 writer
Imperial 58
Second World war 1940 writer